Cameras I Use

Sony A7riv Full Frame  DSLR


ZWO ASI290mini mono

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Optics I Use

William Optics 132mm f/7 APO Flt Refractor Telescope

William Optics z61 Doublet refractor Guide scope

Sony G Master 100-400 f/5.6 telephoto 

Sony G master 20mm f/1.8

Sony G series 90mm Macro 

My Setup for Astrophotography

Cable management can be quite the challenge .......

Especially working in the dark. The EQ mount easily handles the 40lbs of equipment and the pier base tripod makes for a very stable platform.

This ZWO ASIAIR Pro device is the brains of the entire setup.  It allows me to plug computerized mount , all cameras,  heaters and focuser into this one module to control everything wireless with my android tablet.

This EAF ( electronic auto focuser ), makes life easier in that it monitors the temperature of the telescope and as outside temperatures change, the telescope tube can contract and expand causing focus to change.  This device monitors that temperature and makes small corrections to keep your target in sharp focus for multiple hours of imaging.

Using Format