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Astrophotography as well as macrophotography, usually require special lenses,  special techniques and LOTS of patience.  I believe that a photograph, not unlike a painting , is an expression of the person  holding the instrument that created it.  I want to expose people to images of the world and universe , that have existed for thousands of years.  Sadly,  because of our normal every day lives and limited eyesight, most never get to see these great wonders that exist in nature above and below us.  It is my hope that the images I present here, do just that.   I hope you enjoy them, as much as I enjoy creating  them.



Hi, my name is Marc Morgan and I am an amateur photographer.  Amateur, only in the sense that I have a full time job in the healthcare industry.  I am a Certified Cardiovascular Perfusionist.

But my passion , outside of my career, is taking pictures.  Ive been taking photos all my life it seems .  As technology advances, so do my interests in subject matter and techniques.  I love all types  of photography.... wildlife , landscapes , people, etc,  but currently I have set my focus ( pun intended) on astrophotography and macro photography.

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